The Failed Metaphor

When I first saw this advert I was captivated. Telling the story of Dick Fosbury with the great metaphor of ‘someone must dare to change the rules’ I thought was genius. However once the product was shown I was left feeling dissatisfied. The advert is in fact for, another netflix. And that is exactly all that wuaku tv is, a carbon copy of netflix. “We dare to change the rules and give you the power to choose quality TV in an easy and affordable way. Join the change to smart entertainment”. They fail to offer any distinct differences to the competitors and thus the whole metaphor is defective.


Lloyd’s – Moving Out

So one of my favourite adverts from 2013 has to be the new Lloyds advert. After its recent split from TSB, Lloyds have rebranded their image to return to the high street. This ad completely understands who the target audience are and talks to them directly. Striving for your own independence whilst still being governed by your parents ‘what time will you be home?’ fridge note, perfectly captures the mindset of a 31 old male who still lives at home and is brilliantly executed. RkcR / Y&R are producing some outstanding work this year along with the VistiBritain, Virgin atlantic and Holland & Barrett. Definitely an agency to keep a close eye on!

TK Maxx Spring/Summer 2012 Advert

This advert is the best example of copywriting I think I have ever heard in a advert. It completely sums up the TK Maxx brand and appeals to its ‘treasure hunter’ target audience. They completely understand where they sit in the market and truly make it obvious through the copywriting. The use of visual imagery makes the brand seem more M&S upperclass with the copywriting integrated just makes this, dare I say it, the best advert I have seen in 2012. See what you think….


Lurpak Recent Advert

Being a Lurpak Loyalist myself I have to say I was quite proud when I first saw this advert. It is completely different to the typical ‘This butter is good for you, enjoy your life’ adverts that we see cluttering our TV. What a great decision to hand Wieden & Kennedy back the Lurpak account after it was stolen by Saatchi & Saatchi. This advert truly secures Lurpak at the top exclusive, could I even say slightly magical, end of the market with its artistic flare. We all know that Lurpak is still an unhealthy option but this advert makes us completely convince ourselves that this is a healthy option as well as the ‘cool’ option. Be proud to open your fridge and show a silver wrapped butter.

Smart Water Viral

I dont know about you, but I had never heard of SmartWater before I saw this viral. It already has over 10Million hits on YouTube. I think it cleverly integrates typical ‘internet sensations’ into the video to rck up views. The double rainbow has to be my favourite.

Check it out!


Damn Boots – Johannes Leonardo

Good Creative Execution?

Personally I think this advert is one of the most simple yet powerful ads I have ever seen. It conveys a simple, concise message through storytelling mixed with the catchy song that is sure to stay in your head all day. I don’t even play football, but if I did I would be sure buying Nomis.

I have to agree with the decision to award this ad as Cannes Lions 2008 Gold Winner.




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